A Belated ‘Happy Birthday’ for The Discerning Photographer!

First birthday party for The Discerning Photographer! (Flickr help with the illustration: Cake by robokow, party hat by suzalayne, and birthday ribbons by haberlea.)

First birthday party for The Discerning Photographer! (Flickr help with the illustration: Cake by robokow(robokow.net/photos), party hat by suzalayne, and birthday ribbons by haberlea.)

You know, I thought the first post went up towards the end of June last year. I looked the other day and, lo and behold, I’d already missed the day! Damn. Well, anyway, here’s a big ‘Happy B-Day’ post for the blog, now just over a year in existence…

It’s been a truly rewarding year for me. I’ve found that publishing this photo blog has in many ways been rejuvenating, reenergizing. It’s always said that you can’t teach something that you don’t really know yourself, and that’s been true for the blog. In spite of my 30+ years in the photo business, this blog has taught me a lot! In addition, it’s turned out to be just plain fun to do as well!

I thought it might we interesting to look back at last year in the form of a ‘greastest hits’ of posts, if you will. (One of the great things about publishing a WordPress blog like The Discerning Photographer is how easy it is to analyze, categorize and just examine your traffic and posts.) So I’ve run some numbers and come up with the ‘Most Popular’ posts for the past year.

What stands out to me when I look at this list is how, in spite of how much I might like to write some vaguely inspirational piece about some amazing shooting situation I was in, the thing that readers really want are the ‘How To’ posts. (Note to Self: more How To posts.) That, and how to use Photoshop; how to light things….there’s a theme here, isn’t there?

The Top Ten.
#1. Chimping Your Way to Better Photography. This has been amazingly popular. A simple post really, just goes into why chimping has been one of the most revolutionary aspects of digital photography.

#2. Do You Need to Carry a Gray Card? Posed as a question, this is really a Photoshop post. How to use a gray card, why I still carry one.

#3. Quick Tip: Learn to Use Back-Button Autofocus. This is really a ‘How To’ post as well. Explainer about why you really need to switch to back-button focusing, if your camera allows it.

#4. Understanding Photographic Lighting, Part III (Article Series). This was a 3-part series about how/what/when/where to use supplemental lighting. All of the posts were popular but this third installment got the most traffic.

#5. Trust Your Image Histogram. Another Photoshop post (although it would apply equally to a Gimp user or any other editing program that generates a histogram). Real meat-and-potatoes fare here, but it continues to generate traffic. (I think it’s the catchy title.)

#6. Creating Your Own Photoshop Actions.  Here’s how to do it. Great post if you’ve never made your own. It’ll change your digital darkroom life!

#7. Aperture: How It Affects Your Photography and Why You Should Care. This was a fun one to do, sort of a ‘foundations of photography’ article that explains this most-basic of concepts.

#8. Get an Image Browser.  I use Photo Mechanic, and that’s the program I demonstrate in this post. But the post is really about why it’s critical to have a good, clean browser program if you want to improve as a shooter.

#9. How to Use Light Balancing Gels.  This post was fun to write. I explain the gels I carry at all times and what they do.

#10. How to Light Absolutely Anything. This post lays out my whole approach to strobe lighting. Well worth the price of admission (free).

So there you have it: the Top Ten posts of the last 12 months. Looking over the list, I think that anyone interested in improving their shooting will find a lot here to like and learn.

Remember, keep shooting!
Hi, I’m Andrew Boyd, a.k.a. The Discerning Photographer, and I hope this post has been interesting and informative. Please leave me a comment about it, let me know what you’d like to see more of on the site! You can also sign up for email delivery of all future articles or my RSS feed. Thanks!–DiscerningPhotog

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    Happy Birthday 🙂
    Those are some good reads in the Top 10 List

  2. A Happy Birthday from Europe, too!

    Keep on going.


  3. party hats are so cute that i have a collection of them`.:

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