Photography is hard work…and fun! Hi, I’m Andrew Boyd, creator and developer of The Discerning Photographer.  I’ve worked for over 30 years as an award-winning photographer, photo editor and (more recently) videographer and online producer for a major American daily newspaper and its affiliated website. My photographs have appeared over the years in many major American magazines including Time, Newsweek and National Geographic. Besides editorial work, I’ve done corporate and advertising work for many local and regional companies.

Throughout all of this, I’ve never lost my passion and enthusiasm for photography. Every day, I get up and look out the window, out at the light. The magic of God’s creation is here for us every day to enjoy, share and capture as photographers. It is truly honest and honorable work.

My goal is to help make you a better photographer! Each week I’ll post stories based upon my observations and insights from a career in the business–some how-to, some inspirational(hopefully!). So check back often or better yet, SUBSCRIBE  to my site with one of the ‘Connect’ options at the top right of this page (OR the email subscription option in the right column) and you’ll get every update.

I hope that reading The Discerning Photographer improves your photography. With that in mind, I’m adding some nested pages which will organize and aggregate content on the site. Please let me know what you think about The Discerning Photographer website and what we can do to improve it, and thanks!


Under the ‘Beginners‘  tab you’ll find lots of great information for the new photographer: how to use your camera, how it works, how to compose your shots, how to get the exposure right, what different lenses will do, etc. This is probably the single biggest area of interest in photo blogs everywhere, so we’ll be updating with new, fresh content regularly.


Click the ‘Advanced Shooters‘  tab to find  lots of great information for the more experienced photographer, gleaned from my many years’ shooting as a pro. Whether you need information on studio strobe systems, how to photograph in the rain, software reviews or Photoshop tips, these topics and more will be organized here.

My hope is that by creating these new pages of organized content, The Discerning Photographer will become more useful and accessible for you, the reader of this site. Thanks!–DiscerningPhotog