Another live stream of BP’s oil leak!!

And the leak goes on: here's the live stream from BP's catastrophic oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

And the leak goes on: here's the live stream from BP's catastrophic oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

OK, yeah I know. You’ve seen the live streams of BP’s catastrophic oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. But hey, you know what? I live down here! So maybe another live stream is in order…with a few thoughts from a photographer (me) about what these live streams mean (or don’t)…

Live Broadcasting by UstreamDo you remember the first time you jacked into one of these live streams? Remember the broohaha about how BP was originally not letting the public see these streams? It took a demand from Massachusetts Congressman Edward Markey to get the streams dynamited out of BP’s tone-deaf PR team’s hands…but then we all got used to seeing them. I remember being mesmerized as we watched the top hat, junk shot, top kill, blah, blah, blah being attempted…and still the oil and gas gushed forth!

Living here in south Louisiana, this feels like getting raped on a daily basis. We wait for the relief wells to finally hit home, and pray that they in fact work. (Nothing else has worked as advertised, so we are naturallyu skeptical.) In the meantime, we’re told that we’re in for the most active hurricane season is several years. Pray for us.

And the leak goes on…

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