GoPro Hero3+ snowboards a mountain

GoPro Hero3+ video

Zack Schnepf videos himself skiing down a mountain in Oregon using a GoPro HERO3+ mounted on a lightweight pole as part of a Photo Cascadia trip. (Photo from Youtube video by Zack Schnepf)

GoPro Hero3+ makes it look easy

This video from the Photo Cascadia team–snowshoeing up a mountain in the dark, shooting the sunrise and then snowboarding down–all before breakfast–is another great example of how the rugged little GoPro HERO3+ is changing photography. This simple snowboarding video by Zack Schnepf, using a GoPro mounted onto a light pole, simply held out behind him as he snowboards down the mountain–shows us the world in a way we haven’t seen before.

Photo Cascadia is a group of six outdoor photographers based in the Pacific Northwest who state on their blog:
“The Photo Cascadia Team explores areas of natural beauty and advances the photographic excellence of outdoor photography, while promoting and sharing images, knowledge, and expertise with photo enthusiasts.”
Nothing to argue with there, eh?

Like lots of other GoPro videos, this one is beautiful in its simplicity and elegant in its execution: climb the mountain, clamp the little HD GoPro Hero3+ to the pole, and ski back down. The world zooms by in HD quality, we all get to come along for the ride, and new possibilities come to mind of how this little camera might be put to use. Nice work, Zack Schnepf!

GoPro Hero3+ rig.

The GoPro Hero3+ rig. This little camera and its accessories is changing what’s possible in photography. (Photo courtesy of GoPro)

Can you think of some things you might like to photograph using a GoPro? Have you tried shooting with one of these diminutive little giants? The ultra wide lens, remote control operation and ease of mounting in strange and inaccessible spots make them fantastic tools.

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