Henry Hood Gallery opening

I thought it might be nice to create a post with a gallery of some of the images that are currently in my show with Gail Hood at the Henry Hood Gallery. So here it is!

The opening was so much fun, and a big relief, after all of the work that went into getting it ready. We had a big crowd and Gail, as usual, sold almost everything on the walls! I sold three of these big prints at the opening.

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It was wonderful seeing so many great friends at the opening, and meeting a bunch of other great new people!

Here’s what I wrote about the photographs:

I love old live oak trees.

The big ones–the monsters–have an attraction for me that I don’t really want to

analyze too closely, the fear being that through dissection I might lose some of the

magic. But magic there is there, and mystery too, out in the early hours before dawn,

walking beneath these living, breathing behemoths.

I think about the age of these creatures, what they have witnessed in their time here

on earth. It’s a slower-paced aging than our fast and frenetic sprint from cradle to

grave, always wondering if we can squeeze in just two more meaningless tasks on

any given day.

I feel a palpable power too, an energy or ‘life-force’ that might sound a bit crazy if

you’ve never spent any time around these guys. But it’s there, almost like a rolling

respiration, in and out, in and out. They proceed on, day to day, season to season.

These images are part photography, part meditation, part therapy. Little snatches of

serenity, I hope, that the camera has captured.


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  1. DIanne says:

    Congratulations Andrew. I look forward to seeing the show and am so sorry that I missed the opening. The work is beautiful.

  2. We missed you, Diane! We had a big, really great crowd—lots of people I truly was glad to see.
    The weather was perfect and we sat on the back patio till late talking. I hope you can get by
    and see it while it’s up, just till Nov. 1.

  3. Enivea says:

    A wonderful collection of images of magnificent creatures!
    Congratulations! May your sales be many. 🙂

  4. Sweet of you. Thanks Enivea!

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