Red Dots: Henry Hood Gallery show is a big success!

Some of my images currently hanging in the show at the Henry Hood Gallery in Covington, Louisiana. (Copyright 2012 / Andrew Boyd)

Some of my images currently hanging in the show at the Henry Hood Gallery in Covington, Louisiana. (Copyright 2012 / Andrew Boyd)

My opening at the Henry Hood Gallery—two openings, actually—can now be termed a genuine success: between the initial opening on July 14 and a second ‘soft opening’ during the oddly-timed, Covington, Louisiana Bastille Day celebration (a week after the fact, for some reason) on July 21, I’ve sold 12 photographs out of the show, including one image that’s sold twice!

It’s been a wonderful experience for me in many ways. Watching people go through the space and react to the work is gratifying, but also interesting: a couple of images that I don’t even particularly care for have been crowd pleasers; also, one of my favorite images has evoked strong positive reactions from people, but for an altogether unexpected reason: : three people came up and told me that this image, ‘Breakwater Post, 2011,’  reminds them of a surfacing submarine!

'Breakwater Post, 2011.'  (Copyright 2011 / Andrew Boyd)

‘Breakwater Post, 2011.’ (Copyright 2011 / Andrew Boyd)

The work assumes a life of its own, now that it’s out there. This is one of the lessons of this whole experience for me.

With everything up on the walls and done, I’ve finally had time to think about getting out again and making images.

The thunderheads have been amazing this past week or so, billowing up regularly every afternoon as the land heats up and massive clouds form, fueled by moisture blowing in off the Gulf of Mexico. I finally found an evening free to get out and try and make photographs.

Like settling into a favorite couchor riding in your most comfortable saddle, this shooting trip was therapeutic and productive all at once. The sun had set and the afterglow back to the east was just starting.  I can play this tune without even thinking about it, so easy and familiar is it to me: lens choice, composition, exposure decision, tripod placement. Shutter release, exposure, then wait while the camera gathers the subtle, slow light, creating a bit of timeless magic out of the moment. Then chimp the result, adjust, shoot again. It’s a slow, graceful dance as the light plays out and changes, shifting with each photograph I make. Back and forth we go:  me, the camera and the light, seeking something extraordinary out of the ordinary.

'Last Light, 2012.' (Copyright 2012 / Andrew Boyd)

‘Last Light, 2012.’ (Copyright 2012 / Andrew Boyd)

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  1. It was great to be there Saturday to meet you and see your photos. Unfortunately our schedule did not allow me any time to get down to the lake that night. I will just have to plan a return trip sometime! Congrats on the successful show!

  2. Also from here congratulations to your show, you sound very satisfied. Very nice to hear!

  3. Bernd & Greg,
    Thanks very much. It’s nice to see the work appreciated.

  4. Hi Andrew, this must have been a fantastic experience, especially as you were there during some of the viewings to gauge reactions and answer questions. I would have loved to come see them but it’s a bit of a long drive for me (being in the UK and all). Interestingly I’m on a similar journey to youself, and while I’m looking forward to exhibiting some of my work, I’m also a little nervous about the whole experience – any recommendations for the uninitiated?

  5. Hey Barney. My only advice would be to concentrate on making the work. When you have a coherent body of stuff to show someone, then
    approach galleries about it for their advice. But the work is certainly the main thing.

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