Photography exhibition at Henry Hood Gallery

In final production for the show. 'Pine Savannah, Big Branch Marsh, 2011.'  (Copyright 2012 / Andrew Boyd)

In final production for the show. ‘Pine Savannah, Big Branch Marsh, 2011.’ (Copyright 2012 / Andrew Boyd)

Well, the day is almost here: tomorrow evening I have my opening of Lake Pontchartrain photographs at the Henry Hood Gallery in Covington, Louisiana! It’s been an incredible learning experience, putting everything together for the show: it involves so much more than making images.

Henry Hood and his artist-wife Gail have been wonderful mentors as we worked through the entire process leading up to the show, showing not simply interest in my imagery but also business acumen when it comes to pricing for this local market (and me being a relative newcomer to this art photography game).

Anyway, if you’re reading this and live anywhere close, come check it out! The gallery opening is from 6-9 pm but the show will be up for a month. After that, it moves (under Henry’s auspices) to the Christwood retirement community here in Covington for another month. Lots of great exposure for a newbie like me!

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