iPhone images: shooting what you see

iPhone images onions-1

Onion skins on the cutting board, 2013. (Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

iPhone Images in my Mind’s Eye

I see photographs.

Everywhere I go, images appear before me, usually unexpected, a surprise. My! Look at that. A marvel right there, a gift. I take out my iPhone and make a photograph.

This happens to me quite a bit while cooking, but other times as well. Many people have written about the beauty of having a camera (iPhone) constantly in your pocket, and it’s true. For me, this has become more true with the new iOS7  that has the ‘Square’ photo option built right in. I see lots of iPhone images in square format and now I don’t have to go through the mental calculation of deciding what to throw away while shooting the original.

One of the first cameras I owned was an old Yashica twin lens reflex. I don’t remember where I picked it up. The lens was scratched, and the viewfinder couldn’t really be cleaned. The thing was old and junky when I got it, really. But I loved the big rolls of 120mm film, the way the camera made me slow down and really think about what I was shooting. The whole process was clunky and slow and somehow that contributed to the results.

iPhone images-onions 2

Another composition of the same onions still life. (Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

These are two iPhone images that I like, variations on the same theme. I was cooking and as with so many dishes, it started with onions. It was on the weekend, during the daylight hours, and the overcast sky was bringing big beautiful soft light into the kitchen next to my cutting board. I looked down and there!—an image appeared, waiting to be photographed.  More iPhone images to be made.

As with any photography, it’s more about the photographer than the camera. I slip the camera (phone) out of my pocket and make the photograph.

What about you? How has your camera phone changed your photography? Or do you hate the very idea of this type of casual shooting?

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