Life Cycle

Diptych. Ice floes in our birdbath; a honeybee gorges on a milk thistle blossom. (Copyright 2011 / Andrew Boyd)

Diptych. Ice floes in our birdbath; a honeybee gorges on a milk thistle blossom. (Copyright 2011 / Andrew Boyd)

I wrote a piece recently called ‘Death and Rebirth,’ and that theme travels with me now, my constant companion. My mother is gravely ill, a disease process that’s as unknowable in its arc as anything. I struggle to know what to do, and when; it’s all difficult and as hard as anything I’ve attempted.

Yet all around me now, life springs forth anew, our Spring at full bloom here in south Louisiana. The air is fragrant with this now, intoxicating. The birds sing their new songs, the breeze is cool and dry, and everything shouts out that New Life! is upon us once again.

Death and rebirth: things ending; other new, fragile things just beginning. Somehow the thought of this, the cyclic nature of all life, is a hard, thin comfort right now.

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  1. Hello, I am not sure if you will get this because I am simply replying to your email blog. I fully understand how you feel about the cycle of life and I am all to aware of the surrounding signs of both life and death. For some of us we see it and experience it all to closely and yet as life goes on so must we. I am a Dallas firefighter and paramedic and the other day we had a SIDS run on a 13 month little boy. I was not on the ambulance that day but I responded on the fire truck and was first to arrive. We found this little boy lifeless on the floor and immediately began CPR as we waited for paramedics to get there. Unfortunately we were not able to save him. Now here is the ironic thing that happened shortly afterwards. Not thirty minutes later after the CPR, we went to the grocery store to shop for our meals that day. Usually small kids are awed by the truck but usually if their parents ask them if they want to get on board they are too scared to do so. But this day I had, not one but two 18 month old little boys come up and actually allowed me to pick them up and hold them in the truck. It was not thirty minutes after I was desperately trying to bring life to another little boy. Life does go on and for those of us that can see both sides, I think we have a much more appreciation for not only human life but with nature as well.
    I got interested in photography because I wanted to capture time. All photos are not only a duplication of people and objects but also a snapshot of time. We never know what lies ahead, not tomorrow, not the next hour, not even the next minute of our lives. Photography allows us to capture time that is moving on. It allows us to be able to capture life and death as we see and experience it. If there is life there is change and I am so glad I can go back and relive some of those times I cherish so much with the photos I have taken through the years.
    I am a very novice photographer and I really appreciate the insights and knowledge you have in photography and how you freely share that with us. Thank you for having the excitement and zeal you have and for sharing it with us to make us a better photographer at whatever level we might be.

    David Pinales
    Rockwall, TX

  2. David,
    I’m humbled that you took the time to write such a heartfelt comment. Thank you!

  3. Enivea says:

    I feel your sorrow Andrew, and hope you’re able to find comfort from what ever sources present themselves to you. Birthing is not without pain, and death is the birthing of a different cycle.
    Such a beautiful response from David.
    Take care.

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