Mimbo 3.0: New look, same content at The Discerning Photographer

The new cool, silver-blue look of the classic Mimbo 3.0 magazine theme for WordPress.

The new cool, silver-blue look of the classic Mimbo 3.0 magazine theme for WordPress.

Regular readers of The Discerning Photographer will notice  something different: gone is the warm and fuzzy green headline and background color of the WordPress theme Vintage Green, replaced by Darren Hoyt’s classic Mimbo 3.0 theme.  Vintage Green is what’s known as a “Child Theme” for classic Mimbo, deriving most of its code from the parent theme but running stylistic differences that allow for the other look.  All of the functionality is essentially the same, but the green is replaced by this cool, modern blue-silver.

Frankly, I’m not sure this will be the final change with the look here at The Discerning Photographer.  I have some ideas and goals for the site which I hope to implement in the next few months and more experimentation with the look and feel of the site may be coming…so stay tuned!

I’d be interested to get anyone’s feedback between this version and its predecessor, so let me know what you think, and thanks!

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  1. photoblogs are cool and i maintain at least two of them”‘*

  2. Mariana says:

    I didn’t see the “old” look but I think this one is better …because blue is my
    favorite color 🙂

    Nice site BTW.

    Miami – Florida

  3. Roger says:

    I think this color actually tones the site down too much. I love photography for the vibrant colors, however I realize you don’t want to have a bright pink website, the feeling or the mood that comes over you when you see this header doesn’t make one “feel” good. The research I have heard is the softer blues and greensmake people feel good on websites. Definitely stay away from red. Just my opinion.

  4. Yes, it is possible to find some themes that really makes your photos look better. It can actually make a somewhat bad photo look almost professional, and it can make a good photo look like a piece of art!

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