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Articles are now organized and aggregated under 'Beginners' and 'Advanced Shooters' tabs. (Copyright 2010 / Andrew Boyd)

One of the facts of blogging life, whether you’re writing about widgets or weight loss, is that you tend to write a lot of spur-of-the-moment content…after all, we need to keep our material fresh! While I have lots of general areas within the various fields of photography that I like to write about, the end result of this approach tends to be a bit scatter-shot, hodge-podge. I may get inspired with two or three ‘How-To’ articles, followed by some inspirational piece about light, followed by a technical post that explains some esoteric aspect of studio lighting…in other words, I’m all over the place!

Recently I was thinking about this problem and got really, really excited about the solution that’s before you now. Starting today, there’s a new masthead tab called ‘Techniques.’  Hovering over the Techniques tab brings up nested pages for ‘Beginners‘ and ‘Advanced Shooters,’ where lots of the rich content on The Discerning Photographer has been organized by subject matter. I’ll update and add to this organized content on a regular basis, although every article on the site won’t end up there.

We’ll see how it goes, how it evolves as an element here. My hope is that this will make the main content on the site easier to find and digest.

Let me know how you like the new pages!

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