Nikon Shooters: Another reason to buy now!

The flooding disaster taking place now in Thailand is going to affect the availability of many Nikon cameras, including the D7000. (Copyright 2011 / Andrew Boyd)

The flooding disaster taking place now in Thailand is going to affect the availability of many Nikon cameras, including the D7000. (Copyright 2011 / Andrew Boyd)

I wrote in a post the other day about the planned Nikon ‘Unilateral Pricing Policy’ and the effect it may have on finding any great deals on your Nikon gear, started October 16th. Well, now in a followup Comment to that article, Discerning Photographer reader ‘Bayou Bill’ reports the following:

“Two days ago I passed on Thom Hogan’s Oct 10 report that Nikon will soften the impact of standardized pricing by introducing new rebates in time for the holiday shopping season. Now Hogan is reporting that the flooding in Thailand may cause more damage to Nikon’s DSLR production than the Japan Earthquake did. The flooded Nikon plant in Thailand is where they manufacture the D3100, D5100, D7000, and D300s, and also some consumer lenses. Hogan is suggesting that anyone who wants a D7000 (which was in short supply even before the flooding) better grab one right now if they can find one, and suggests that the D3100 and D5100 might be in short supply by Christmas. This calls into question whether Nikon will go ahead with their rebate plans on these products, since there’s no point in offering rebates on products that aren’t available for people to buy. Details in Hogan’s Oct 13 Commentary.”

More headaches for our camera makers! Sorry to see this new development, but thought I’d better pass it along ASAP, in case you’re in the market for any of these camera bodies. Thanks, ‘Bayou Bill’ !

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  1. Daniel says:

    Recent flood in Thailand have done several damages in the business, economic and general living. Feeling bad to know that Nikon have also facing a lot of trouble for this flood. I hope the whole Thailand and Nikon will recover this damage of flood very soon.

  2. Bayou Bill says:

    On November 13, 2011, Nikon announced that, while they are trying to redistribute some Thailand production to other sites, they expect it will be the spring of 2012 before they get back to normal production volumes on the DSLR and lens products normally manufactured in Thailand. This means that there will definitely be a shortage of Thailand products, and almost certainly no rebates on those products, through the 2011 holiday season.

    To take up the slack, Nikon will be holiday-hyping the new Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras, which are made in China and have been well received by the public. But don’t let all of this make you think the DSLR is dead. It’s not, and we’ll probably see more new DSLR product announcements from Nikon after the first of the year.

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