Today’s photograph: Live Oak tree swings, Long Beach, Mississippi

Live oak tree swings, Long Beach, Mississippi, 2013. (Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

Live oak tree swings, Long Beach, Mississippi, 2013. (Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

Live Oak Tree Swings, Long Beach, Mississippi, 2013

One of the features I’ve been most excited to try out is this full-width post option. Unlike my old theme, this Solostream theme allows me to customize each individual article. So here we are, full-width with one of the other images from my photography road trip from this past weekend.

There are also options, which I have yet to figure out, that will allow me to post galleries for specific stories–this opens up all kinds of great new and exciting possibilities. Stay tuned, I’m still learning the ins and outs of this new presentation.

Technical Info: This photo was taken with a Canon EOS-1D X Camera and Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Standard Zoom Lens, 1 second @ f14, ISO 50, on a tripod.

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  1. Enivea says:

    Truly divine Andrew! How perfect to go full width with this image – and what a magnificent tree! I can almost hear the children laughing and playing here…..

  2. Thanks Enivea. Yes, this tree was stunning. And the four swings actually made it difficult to photograph, compositionally. This was the most successful of my attempts, I think.

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