Photographic (New Year’s) Resolutions: A look back, a look ahead

Writing down your photographic goals helps commit you to action. (Copyright 2010 / Andrew Boyd)

Writing down your photographic goals helps commit you to action. (Copyright 2010 / Andrew Boyd)

Last year I began 2010 with a post here on The Discerning Photographer that laid out my photographic New Year’s resolutions.  I also talked about why I thought it was valuable to go through the process of making resolutions for yourself, if you hoped to grow and improve as a photographer. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m going to reexamine those resolutions and see how I did. Then we’ll look at the year ahead.

The 2010 List

1. Create a list of things/subjects/ideas/themes to pursue photographically. Write the list down. Brainstorm. Prioritize the list.

This one I did. Making the list was fun; in fact, a rough version of it appeared as one of the photos in that year-ago post. I wrote about ‘fixing my boat,’ ‘Honey Island Swamp’ and ‘Pontchartrain by water!’ On these items, the boat is mostly ready to go (new trailer lighting, new trolling motor, new life vests) but I haven’t gotten off my butt and to the back-down ramps!

2. Make more prints.

I’m happy to report that this has actually happened! I’ve been doing a good bit of printing with an eye towards more entries in juried photography shows. This has been tremendously satisfying to work on.

3. Develop a better image backup routine.

Partial success here. Each rough shoot and any toned images are all getting copied to two different hard drives now. But I need to get this on an automated schedule and invest in some cataloging software for images. Any suggestions out there?

4. Schedule more ‘photo safaris.’

Again, success on this one. I’ve been doing a lot of personal shooting and it’s been fantastic.

5. Improve The Discerning Photographer!

You guys know better than I if it’s improved. I hope it has! I’ve added Facebook and Twitter accounts to the site in the last year and I think that’s helped reach more people.

Now for 2011

Now for my 2011 photographic resolutions!

1. My biggest goal—which is still a few months away from fruition—is to introduce a companion site to The Discerning Photographer which will be focused on my own fine art photography. I’m in the design stages right now and still have a lot of decisions to make, but this is the biggee for 2011. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a good while now, and putting it in print means I’ll really have to do it, right?

Other goals:

2. Automate my image backup routine

3. Enter at least a half dozen juried photography shows this year

4. Continue to shoot for myself every single week

5. For the blog: more hands-on equipment reviews. I’ve enjoyed the little bit of this I’ve done and it’s provoked a big, positive response.

So: have you made your list of photographic resolutions for 2011?

It’s not too late! And you need to do it, if you want to learn and grow as a shooter. And believe me, the learning is truly a life-long process, if you hope to stay ‘alive’ as a photographer!

Hi, I’m Andrew Boyd, a.k.a. The Discerning Photographer, and I hope this post has been interesting and informative. Please leave me a comment about it, let me know what you’d like to see more of on the site! You can also sign up for email delivery of all future articles or my RSS feed. Thanks!–DiscerningPhotog

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  1. Great new year’s resolutions! I have some similar ones myself… 🙂

  2. Heather Germany says:

    Hey! I remember those resolutions from last year! That’s when you inspired me to back up all my thousands of photos which were then taking up ALL the memory on my pc’s hard drive. It was a mess! I went out and bought an external hard drive, and a bunch of CDs. And then I realized that I also needed a DVD writer and some DVDs. (I had hit rock-bottom, ok?) It was an intimidating task, but I ate that elephant (gross) one bite at a time and guess what? Now I can sleep at night knowing that when my pc crashes, my children’s baptisms, first steps, birthdays, holidays, and sweetest of all – those ordinary moments which are actually the most extraordinary of all, are all safe and sound in multiple locations. No longer do I live in shame and fear! I’m free! Now I’m proud to share that I’ve kept my 2010 photographic resolutions to back up my photos AND to maintain my backed-upness. 🙂 Thanks to you for the inspiration! Happy New Year! Clink!

  3. What an inspiration you are, Heather! Thanks!

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