Photography Christmas presents for the landscape shooter


Finding photography Christmas presents for the landscape shooter on your list can be a real challenge. (Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

Picking the right photography Christmas presents can be really tough. Don’t have a clue what to get the photographer on your list? If they like to get out and shoot nature or landscapes, here are some photography Christmas presents that will work.  As someone who loves to get out in the dark and the cold and the wet to shoot landscape photographs, I know these are things your photographer either has or needs.



Neutral density filters like these can make or break your landscape photography trip. I have them in sizes for all of my lenses. ( Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

Neutral Density (ND) filters—These are filters that darken the front of the lens without changing the color values. They are basically dark gray and allow the shooter to slow the shutter speed down. The darker the filter, the slower the shutter speed can go in a given shooting situation.  These can cost shockingly BIG BUCKS, depending upon the manufacturer. (Singh-Ray makes some beautiful filters; if money is no object, consider something from these guys.) You can also get acceptable results for a lot less by searching out the ND filters of some of the cheaper brands. A good middle-of-the-pack option is  B+W ND filters. These are well made and won’t break the bank. You’ll need to sneak a look in his or her camera bag to find the right filter sizes.


These Galen Rowell graduated neutral density filters from Singh-Ray are worth their weight in gold. (Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

Galen Rowell Graduated ND filters—Also from Singh-Ray, this is a more specialized item but one that will make a great photography Christmas present. These are big rectangles that go from clear to a darker gray from bottom to top.  By holding one of these  filters out in front of the lens during the exposure, you can darken the sky, accentuating the clouds or horizon in your photo. Very effective and a great photography Christmas present.


Quick release L brackets from Really Right Stuff. (Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

L Plate–This is a specialized item that your tripod-toting photographer will thank you for! L Plates attach to the bottom of the camera and make it quick and easy to switch from horizontal to vertical position without cranking your camera over sideways, putting strain on you tripod and creating an off-balance situation. (The rig stays centered over the tripod legs, in other words.) Two companies–Really Right Stuff and Kirk Enterprises— make great L plates and they’re designed for specific cameras. Get one for your shooter’s main (best) camera.


A digital cable release like this can be had on Amazon for as little as $15. (Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

Digital Cable Release—Now here’s a place I think you can save some money. Although you can buy a name-brand cable release with the logo of your camera manufacturer on it, these things have been copied and produced for dirt cheap. I buy one or two a year for pennies on the dollar and stay ahead. Check out these units for Nikon or these units for Canon.

fotosharp rain cover photography christmas presents

A Fotosharp rain cover protects my gear as I shoot in the wind and rain on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina. These are available for all of your lens/camera combinations.  (Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

Rain hoods—If you like to shoot landscapes, you’re going to be out in the weather. Rain hoods are a necessity. I like the economical and effective hoods from Fotosharp.  They do a great job and won’t break your wallet. You can buy a 12″ model for your shorter lenses and a longer one for your big telephoto.

So go ahead and take the plunge! Photography Christmas presents don’t have to be hard. Buy something that your landscape shooter will really love to have! (If you’re the shooter, send a link to this page to your significant other, maybe they’ll take the hint). Good luck and happy shooting!
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