Photography Resolutions for 2012

Making 'photo resolutions' can be a great way to start off the new year as a shooter. (Copyright 2012 / Andrew Boyd)

Making 'photo resolutions' can be a great way to start off the new year as a shooter. (Copyright 2012 / Andrew Boyd)

Did you make any photography New Year’s resolutions last year? If you did, how did they work out for you? Successful? And now with the new year upon us, have you thought about any photographic resolutions or goals that you want to attempt for this year?

I think setting New Year’s photography resolutions is a useful thing for any shooter to do, if you want to improve your work—and who doesn’t? Below I’ll revisit my resolutions for 2011 and show you my ‘scorecard’ for how it worked out. Then I’m going to let you in on my new set of goals for 2012…

2011: My Photography Resolutions

1. Introduce a companion site to The Discerning Photographer which will be focused on my own fine art photography.  I worked and struggled with this one. I’ve learned a good bit about html and javascript and even a bit of jquery, but I haven’t put it all together into the site I want. The biggest challenge has turned out to be the photo gallery animation, which I haven’t nailed down.

2. Automate my image backup routine.  I’m using the Time Machine utility on my Mac now which does an automatic backup every day. I need to purchase an additional hard drive to provide some additional redundancy here. But this goal is pretty well met.

3. Enter at least a half dozen juried photography shows this year.  Partial success on this one. I entered 4 juried shows in 2011 and had work accepted into 3 of them. Yowwsirr! This was great and an education for me as well: framing, matting and shipping solutions all had to be figured out, as well as the images themselves. It’s actually pretty damned expensive to pursue this, I’ve discovered: most shows average about $40 for the entry fee; if your work is accepted, you need to frame it ($$) and then provide shipping both ways to the show ($$$). So while I think it’s important to build a show record, it’s not cheap.

4. Continue to shoot for myself every single week. No problem on this one. I stayed in a pretty good shooting rhythm all year and produced a lot of work I’m excited about.

5. For the blog: more hands-on equipment reviews.  Some success here. Maybe not as many as I had hoped to do. The equipment reviews are a lot of work, particularly to create all of the illustrative images that I feel I need for the reviews to be as useful as I want them to be.  But the reviews I did have all generated interest and traffic for the site.

2012 Resolutions

1. Keep shooting for myself each week. This is the most important goal for all of us, I think.

2. Enter 4 more juried photo exhibitions this year. I’m cutting this goal down some because it looks like I may have a one- or two-person exhibition of work later this year. If this happens, it’s going to be a lot of work to put together. More on this later as it develops.

3. Redesign and reorganize The Discerning Photographer web site. I want to make the information easier to find and use on the site, so I’m in the middle of researching new WordPress themes.

4. Launch the fine art companion site for my landscape work.  This will link to the blog and hopefully create new opportunities going forward. I just need to get it done!

That’s it for my photography goals for this year.

So: have you set your own photo goals? If not, I really urge you to stop what you’re doing, sit in a quiet place, and imagine what you’d like to accomplish this year with your work.  Then write those ideas down. This is critical because you want to hold yourself accountable. Take that list and put it somewhere you’ll see it once a week or so—on your refrigerator is fine, or as a pop-up reminder in your calendar program, if you use one. (The reminder technique isn’t important, just as long as you set something up that works.)

I’d love to hear what your photo resolutions are for this year! So leave a Comment and we’ll see what folks are thinking and/or dreaming about.

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  1. Keleko says:

    I’m going to only make one – learn how to make use of off camera flash.

  2. Rachel says:

    I made them! First time officially making new years resolutions, we’ll see how this goes. Photography resoutions: to keep up with my blog the entire year, to get 5 photos published, to learn about photography and be able to explain/answer questions, print out my study abroad pictures and organize into an album. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Great list, Rachel! Thanks for adding it.

  4. Enivea says:

    Learning more about black and white photography is where my sights are set for this year, with the aim of having sufficient images to hold an exhibition with them. That also entails learning about how to put a collection together of course, and the many associated elements of presenting work. That will keep me pretty well occupied I reckon!

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