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Links for the aspiring portrait photographer.  (Copyright 2009/Andrew Boyd)

Links for the aspiring portrait photographer. (Copyright 2009/Andrew Boyd)

I wrote an article recently titled ‘How to Shoot Great Portraits,’ laying out my thoughts on this basic photography subject. Based on the traffic and feedback the piece generated, I thought it might be worthwhile to assemble some relevant links for portrait shooters, and would-be portrait shooters, to study. Here they are…

Portrait Photography at photo.net   An OK article on the subject. Nothing that will blow your socks off, but worth a look. PLUS it comes up first in my google search, so that must mean something, right?

10 Tips for Photographing Babies at Digital Photography School   Well, they can be portraits, after all.

10- Inspirational Portrait Photography Techniques at Epic Edits.  Brian Auer has a nice article that’s a really broad swipe at the subject. Lots of stuff here, maybe something you’ll want to try.

Portrait Photography at Photographytips.com  Lots of insightful information in this article. Written like the author has actually done some portrait photography himself!

People and Portrait Photography Quick Tips at National Geographic   Here’s a great, short article on the subject. No photos of examples, just great information. Read this and see how it applies to your work. Not limited strictly to portraits though.

Portrait Photography Tips video at 5min.com  Mostly about why this photographer likes to shoot portraits with his 70-200mm Canon zoom…but I do too, so check this out. It’s actually a great portrait lens, as he demonstrates.

The Portrait Group pool  at Flickr.  Looking at the work of other photographers is always a great idea. This Flickr group is full of portraits, both great and mundane. Check it out.

Richard Avedon’s ‘In the American West’ portraits, slide show at the Richard Avedon Foundation website. If you’re not familiar with Avedon’s work, you should be. Famous for his portraits of famous people, these are striking images of normal, not-famous people, shot against his trademark white background. Maybe the best link in the bunch!

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