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I love making road trips. We’ve just returned from a great one, almost 3000 miles of driving over two weeks, all the way from Louisiana, clear across Texas and into New Mexico. Specifically, the gorgeous town of Santa Fe.

My wife and I have done camping and backpacking in New Mexico in the past but this was our first trip back in a long time. Although many things have changed in the ensuing years, a lot has remained the same: friendly people, great museums, great food and all the outdoors you can handle. We split our Santa Fe time between hiking, studying Native American historical sites and visiting museums.


Whenever I visit New Mexico, I’m reminded of the work of Ansel Adams, one of my first influences as a young photographer. He did a masterful job of capturing the amazing light that envelopes this high, arid plateau. There’s a clarity to the light that I never take for granted, the result of the low humidity and the altitude (Santa Fe sits, out on a plain, at over 7000 feet MSL).

Leaving the hot and steamy wet blanket of a Louisiana August, Santa Fe, even during the “heat” of the day, was as dry and comfortable as October back home. And no bugs! Restaurants sit all day with their doors and windows wide open, letting in the clear, sweet mountain air. No mosquitoes to swat, no gnats to brush aside.


Besides some photos from the road, this gallery contains images from Tent Rocks National Monument, a stunning place created by a volcanic eruption over 6 million years ago. As the rocks have eroded since then, different densities of material have weathered at very different rates, creating standing stones that do indeed look like tents!

Like the Santa Fe air, this road trip has brought me clarity and lots of peace. Days spent outdoors, hiking and photographing, followed by evenings of delightful food and conversation. We plan to not wait so long to make a return trip.

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