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Everybody likes a chance to win free stuff, right? Well, I need to cajole more of you faithful readers of The Discerning Photographer to head over to our new Photo Forums and  Register. Until we get more people registered and participating in the Forums, we won’t have the critical mass of folks needed to create the lively exchange I’m hoping to have on that part of the site.

So: here’s your chance to win a FREE archival fine art print by ME! That’s right, one lucky Forum participant will walk away with this beautiful print, ‘Piling Remains, Lake Pontchartrain, 2011,’ just by registering for the Forums and getting lucky!

This will be a non-editioned, signed archival pigment print, approximately 5” x 6”, which you can frame or tack to the wall—up to you. But it’s one of my favorite new images and something I thought would make a great prize.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the ‘Forum’ tab at the top of the site and REGISTER for the Forums.

[NOTE: For those of you who have already registered, don’t despair: I’ll include everyone who’s registered up to that point for the random drawing. I’ll announce our winner in about two weeks. Good luck!]

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