Six ways to improve your landscape photography

Landscape photography links, both pratical and esoteric. ( Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

Landscape photography links, both pratical and esoteric. ( Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

Sometimes we just need to be inspired. Today is one of those days: here are some great links to material I’ve dug up online for you, all focused on landscape photography. Even if this isn’t your primary interest, you should check it out: I promise you’ll find some interesting things and learn something to boot!

Landscape photography from the air: how to shoot aerials of the landscape, by Neil Rantoul at The Luminous Landscape. This is a really nice beginner’s look at shooting aerials: how to find the plane and pilot, minimum shutter speeds to use, etc.

Landscape Photography Tips from National Geographic. This is an old article that’s still useful.

Building a Filter System for Digital Landscape Photography at Nature Photographers Online Magazine. This is a good breakdown of what you’ll eventually need if you want to get serious about nature/landscape shooting. The filters are expensive but necessary and this lays out the basics.

Why You Need a Telephoto Zoom Lens for Landscape Photography at Digital Photography School. Landscape shooting is not all wide angle perspective; some interesting points about how much telephotos should factor into your kit when shooting landscapes here.

Recent Prints from one of my favorite landscape photographers, Michael Kenna. Click your way through this gallery of new prints, most from China, South Korea and Japan, and you’ll see why Kenna remains one of my favorite image makers.

Josef Hoflehner  “Shorelines” portfolio.
You could pick any of the portfolios at Hoflehner’s website and be awestruck; I have chosen ‘Shorelines’ because it speaks to me so powerfully. Check it out.

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