The ‘Shadows’ Photo Assignment and Forums Giveaway

Shadow Abstraction #1. (Copyright 2011 / Andrew Boyd)

Shadow Abstraction #1. (Copyright 2011 / Andrew Boyd)

Just a reminder about our current Photo Assignment running right now over in the Forums section: ‘Shadows.’ And a gentle prod: if you haven’t registered for the Forums, do so now and you’ll be entered in our fine art print giveaway that’s running for just a bit longer.

Here’s the full ‘Assignment: Shadows’ description again:

For our new photo assignment, we’re going to go in a different direction: SHADOWS must play an important role in your composition. I don’t care whether a dramatic shadow is your entire composition OR simply an element in an otherwise interesting photo: you must compose and use shadows in your shot. All photography is dependent upon light. And where there is light, there are usually shadows! So go out and make us a truly great shadow photograph!

The assignment will run for two weeks, at which point I’ll pull it down into the ‘Archived’ group and we’ll take a swing at something else. Remember: you must go out and make a new photograph, not simply cull through your past shots!

Hopefully this will challenge you to go out and ‘see’ things in a bit of a different way, since shadows are usually incidental to our images: this is a type of ‘negative space’ assignment.  Good luck!–Andrew

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