The Discerning Photographer’s Year in Review

It's been a busy photographic year at The Discerning Photographer, both for making images and blogging. (Copyright 2010 / Andrew Boyd)

It's been a busy photographic year at The Discerning Photographer, both for making images and blogging. (Copyright 2010 / Andrew Boyd)

2010 has been quite a year here at The Discerning Photographer. Since we started midway through 2009, this has been our first ‘full year’ of publishing and I thought it might be worth taking a look back before plowing ahead into 2011.

It’s interesting to see which posts turned out to be the most-read ones. It’s usually not something you can plan or design. Looking at the list now, I’m surprised by a few of them, things I hadn’t realized were still generating interest. Others are a bit more predictable. Anyway, here’s the Top 10 list for 2010:

The Top Ten

Quick Tip: Learn to Use Back-Button Autofocus

This has been an extremely popular article, one that continues to generate lots of readership. I think the explanation of how and why this works with the example of the hockey game has made this one valuable.

DSLR Camera Review: Canon Rebel T1i vs. Nikon D3100

Although I published this in mid-November, it’s been a real barn-burner on the site, zooming up the list of popular posts. Seems like there’s lots of appetite for this type of story.

A Photo Kit for All Seasons

I really like the premise of this piece: what’s the photo gear that, if you had to choose, would make up your ‘must-have’ list? A simple idea, but one that has resonated with a lot of readers.

How to Correct Perspective in Photoshop

I like to write the occasional Photoshop story since it’s now the true digital darkroom for most of us. This article about how to deal with this common problem has been popular.

Trust Your Image Histogram

Another Photoshop piece, although applicable to any image editing software package you might be using. Simple explanation for why this is such a vital piece of my image toning recipe.

Modern Trends in Landscape Photography

This was fun to write and has been well-read. I used our Discerning Photographer Flickr group for the image examples. I love the quality and diversity of the work that has appeared amongst the landscape image makers in the group. Way to go, shooters!

How to Light Absolutely Anything

Taking the mystery out of lighting. This is simple and really, truly works.

Aperture: How it Affects Your Photography and Why You Should Care

A ‘foundations of photography’ post. Fundamental information that all would-be photographers need to understand.

How to Shoot Great Group Photos

How I go about shooting groups. Main points to consider, what you need to master to succeed with this basic task.

Photoshop Alternatives, Part I

Lots of people don’t want to cough up the serious bucks for a legitimate copy of Photoshop. This post and a second companion piece took a look at what your non-PS options are.

So there you have it: our Top Ten articles for 2010!

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