The Discerning Photographer gets a reboot, new WordPress theme

Here's a screen grab from the new home page layout for The Discerning Photographer. (Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)

Here’s a screen grab from the new home page layout for The Discerning Photographer. (Copyright 2013 / Andrew Boyd)


You may have noticed a new look and feel to The Discerning Photographer recently. An awful process that started when the site was hacked a couple of months ago comes finally to resolution with this new rollout.

I spent several lousy weeks on the phone with my web host, looking for the needles in the haystack that publishing online for over 4 years as The Discerning Photographer had become. Running site scans, adding new security-related plugins, fooling with all of the ‘back office’ issues that we’d all like to not have to think about–that’s what it’s been like here lately.

Vulnerabilities in my beloved old Mimbo theme–which I have been using since 2009–finally required an update, and it was overdue. This new theme from Solostream is much, much more secure and HTML5 optimized which just means it will look great on your computer, tablet AND smart phone.

I’ve also taken this reboot as an opportunity to begin to reorganize the content on the site around fewer, simpler categories. For example, the stories that appeared in Links and Blogosphere have been combined into the simpler and more accurate ‘Web’ category. I’ll be doing more of this type of housekeeping going forward in an effort to give readers a cleaner and easier online experience. Hopefully this will make the site easier to navigate.

I hope to get myself moving again with content creation–I know the site has been pretty sleepy lately! You should see a nice change there in the coming weeks as I refocus my efforts.

Let me know what you’d like to see more of here on the site! I’ve had some readers ask for more articles on photojournalism, for instance, and I’m going to finally start writing about Video here–something I spend a lot of my professional time working on these days.

So stay tuned, more to come!

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  1. Hey Andrew,
    It’s looking nice after the refresh. I recognized the different layout, it looked differently to before. We’ll done!

    Best wishes from Germany, Bernd

  2. Thanks Bernd! I’m excited about the redesign and have some great things coming, so stay tuned.

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