Today’s Photograph December 19, 2010

High water tidal pool, Tchefuncte River at Lake Pontchartrain. Canon 50mm, 4 seconds @f8, ISO 50. (Copyright 2010 / Andrew Boyd)

High water tidal pool, Tchefuncte River at Lake Pontchartrain. Canon 50mm, 4 seconds @f8, ISO 50. (Copyright 2010 / Andrew Boyd

Sometimes the best image is not the most obvious image we shoot.

Working early one morning last week before sunrise, I thought the light on the water over Lake Pontchartrain at the Tchefuncte River was interesting, and that’s what I was shooting. A stiff north wind was blowing as a new cold front came in and I was bundled up, the metal of my camera and tripod cold against my hands in the dawn light. A massive grey cloud rose up from near the water’s surface at the horizon line and that’s what had first attracted me to the scene.

And that’s when I saw it. Back away from the actual water, big puddles had formed from the previous night’s high tide: reflected in the puddles, the dawn light created a second tier of reflection to the sky, separated from the actual lake water line by the bulwark at the shoreline. Suddenly this was much more interesting and intriguing to photograph.

Ever notice how your photographic visualization changes as you work your way through a situation? How as you shoot, you use what you first started with to make new, better images? This was one of those situations. Sometime the best photograph is the first image you take. Other times, like this example, the best image happens later, informed by what you’ve learned as you start to work.

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  1. Joseph says:

    an arresting image…

    well seen, well captured, and well done!

    I enjoy your blog. Keep it coming.

    May the good light be with you!

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