Top 10 Photography Posts of 2011

Looking back through 2011, here are 10 of my favorite posts for the year. (Copyright 2011 / Andrew Boyd)

Looking back through 2011, here are 10 of my favorite posts for the year. (Copyright 2011 / Andrew Boyd)

I thought it might be fun, and maybe educational for me as well, to look back through my 2011 posts and pick out my favorites. Here they are, and it’s an eclectic group: some ‘how to’ stuff, some personal musings–it’s the type of mix you’ve probably come to expect if you follow The Discerning Photographer.

Vivian Maier, Street Photographer–posted in January 2011

I just loved this whole story. The idea of someone pursuing their photography all those years at a high level, purely for the enjoyment of the shooting, and to have it finally brought to light years later. Like an archeological find!

Photography by Moonlight–posted in January 2011

This post was important because it came near the start of my current long-exposure journey, still ongoing.

Using HDR Technique in a ‘Traditional’ Photograph–February 2011

I’m not personally a practitioner of the super-saturated HDR school, but I do like what it allows me to do in extending the range of a traditional photograph. This post illustrates the technique.

Why I Love Lake Pontchartrain–posted in March 2011

Lake Pontchartrain, the second-largest inland saltwater body of water in the U.S., is the source of much of my current photographic inspiration. This post is simply a love letter to Pontchartrain. It’s funny, but I’m not particularly fond of these particular images now, but the sentiment expressed is all still relevant.

The Equipment I Use in 2011–posted in June 2011

People are always curious about the camera gear I use. This lays it out in a straightforward manner.

Photographer’s Notebook: North Carolina, Day 2–posted in July 2011

We made a summer vacation trip to the mountains of Western North Carolina. This is one of my favorite places in the U.S. and I got to do a lot of shooting on the trip. Good memories!

How to Shoot an NFL (American) Football Game–posted August 2011

I liked this post because while the information is very specialized, it’s extremely hard to find this kind of instruction and breakdown, if you actually need it. Based upon years of shooting this sport.

The Three Building Blocks of Photography–posted September 2011

In-depth explanation of the interdependent factors of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed. These are such essential concepts yet hard for beginners to grasp.

Photo Cropping for Improved Results: September Flickr critique selections

This is one of the monthly Flickr critiques that we started here on the site this year. I’ve enjoyed the monthly interaction and chance to do a bit of teaching. This was one of the better monthly posts.

Going Inside a Pinhole Camera–posted December 2011

This was just so much fun for me–I love the way land artist Chris Drury uses the pinhole camera concept in his sculpture. One of my favorite shooting experiences of the year.

Did you have any other post from the site that was important to your work this year? I’d love to hear what it was, and why it helped you/inspired you. Let me know in the Comments below, and thanks!

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