Weekend Photography Links January 15, 2011

Links: a collection of related, relevant and (hopefully!) interesting content.

Time-lapse photography: A year passes by in 2 minutes.  Michael Zhang over at PetaPixel found this wonderful example of time-lapse, shot and produced by photographer Eirik Solheim.

The Magic of Wide Apertures at Phototuts+ Some beautiful examples of wide-open exposures in this piece.

Iffles.com  does a monthly themed-based group shoot, and I find this well-written site always interesting to read. Check out the newest published group of photos. The theme: Trees.

Terry White on his photo archiving workflow This is a guest post over on Scott Kelby’s blog. It’s a long, long piece that eventually gets around to a detailed explanation of a serious backup workflow.

The Last Roll of Kodachrome at Steve McMurray’s blog.   McMurray got to shoot the very last roll to get processed. He made some wonderful images with it, and reminded me of how great that old, beautiful film base truly was. If you ever got to shoot it, you know what I’m talking about.

Olympus’s two new compact cameras : Photo District News has a first look at two new Olympus compact cameras, one a Micro Four Thirds sensor, one not.

Getting Tack Sharp Wildlife Shots over at Serious Amateur Photography.  Jeff Lynch has a great post on shooting wildlife here. Don’t expect any ‘quick-fix’ though. It’s just plain old hard work!

Photographing Lighthouses at The Luminous Landscape blog.  I have a modest little lighthouse that I photograph nearby, so this collection of images had immediate appeal.

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