Weekend Photography Links November 13, 2010

Photo links for your weekend study.

Photo links for your weekend study.

Here’s my list of photography-related links for your weekend perusal. I promise that you’ll learn something, maybe even get inspired to pick your cameras up and shoot something, if you work your way through this mix of tidbits…

The Art of Iphoneography at Multimediashooter.com   My friend Richard Koci-Hennandez shows off some of his iPhone photos along with his favorite iPhone apps. ‘Photography is not about the tool, it’s about the photographer.’

High Speed Photography Helps Unlock Mystery of How Cats Drink You may have read the story or seen this item on TV. Here’s the Youtube video, hosted with a great explanation by the fine folks at PetaPixel, even including a linked reference to the granddaddy of high speed photography, Eadweard Muybridge.

How to Reduce Your Depth of Field in Photoshop at Lightstalking   So you screwed it up when you shot it…here’s a post-production technique that you jight want to try. Next time, shoot it the right way in-camera!

Photo Mechanic Review over at PhotographyBay.   I’ve been a Photo Mechanic user since way, way back…maybe you should be too!   Here’s a great review of this piece of software and I didn’t even have to write it myself!

Tina Brown’s The Daily Beast gobbles up Newsweek…at the Wall Street Journal.   I know, I know, not strictly a photo link. But this is a great example of old, sick media succumbing to the new wave of web-driven offerings (and cash).

Abstracting the Landscape at The Luminous Landscape    A typically thoughtful bit of musing at one of my favorite photographic websites, using two images from a trip to Iceland to get this point across. Read through this and you’ll learn something about an excellent photographer’s thought process.

Mastering the Art of Light Painting at Night at Photo tuts+   Great video that walks you through the the art and craft of light painting images.

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