Weekend Photography Links October 16, 2010

Links can be great, and this image is certainly a great one...

Follow Your Own Path by Jeff Lynch at Serious Amateur Photography.  A carefully thought-out, passionate musing on the state of photography, technology and the photography business in our post-industrial world. Great read.

Chester Tugwell Photography Landscape shooter based in England’s West Sussex country and his images are full of the magic light of that area. Well worth a look. Click into the ‘Galleries’ link to see what I find so attractive.

Keith Loutit’s Small Worlds Project. Watch just a couple of minutes of Keith’s videos from around the world and I promise your thoughts about stop motion photography and its possibilities will have ‘tilt shifted’.

Richrad Koci-Hernandez over at Multimedia Shooter explains why all of us doing multimedia these days need to learn Adobe’s After Effects.  This is at the top of my ‘to do’ list already, so a timely post for me.

13 Places to Take Beautiful Motion-Blur Shots at Digital Photography School.  Lots of nice motion blur eye candy here, even if the actual ‘tips’ are a bit thin.

Review of the Panasonic Lumix G2 four thirds camera at Photography Bay. If you’ve thought about buying one of these tweener-formatted cameras, check this review out.

Here’s another hint of where ‘newspapers’ may be heading, if you needed another one.  Paper.li creates a daily ‘newspaper’ based upon your Twitter feed: the articles you tweeted plus those of the people you follow. I don’t know how their computer decides to organize the aggregation but it’s fascinating. Here’s The Discerning Photographer’s newspaper for October 16, 2010.

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