Weekend Photography Links Roundup 4/24/2010

The old lighthouse, Madisonville, Louisiana. (Copyright 2010 / Andrew Boyd)

The old lighthouse, Madisonville, Louisiana. (Copyright 2010 / Andrew Boyd)

Here are some things that I found interesting and/or compelling over this past week of web browsing.  See if you find anything here that changes how you see things:

Review of Ricoh’s new  GRX small sensor camera (not a point n shoot) at Luminous Landscape.

Quick Look at the new Olympus E-P2  Four Thirds camera. at dpreview.com.   Do you own a camera of this format? Is there one in your future?

Tricks of the Trade in Food Photography at  Professional Photography 101—good info here but this would be SO MUCH NICER WITH SOME PHOTOS! DUH!!

Beautiful Australia Photos at Lightstalking, check it out!

For Earth Day: the 40 Best Nature Photographs of All Time at Flickr

“The International League of Conservation Photographers, a fellowship of the top professional conservation photographers working today, was recruited to nominate nature photographs that the member photographers considered to be “the best,” in whatever way they chose to define it. They were encouraged, however, to consider factors such as aesthetics, uniqueness, historical and scientific significance, or contribution to conservation efforts. The photographers were not permitted to self-nominate.”

Nice article at Photoshelter’s blog about photographing the volcano in Iceland. They interview two shooters who were there.

How Facebook Won the Web at CNN.com, written by Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore. FB’s dominance continues to spread. Size matters and this will be tough for Twitter, Cashmore says.


What the New Facebook ‘Like” Button Really Means—how it’s going to change your web surfing experience and why you should care.


115+ Wedding Photography Tips   at Epic Edits.  Brian Auer has assembled an impressive collection of web pages that will help you survive your first wedding job, or improve upon your next one. Well worth a look.

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