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Here’s a mix of interesting things from around the photogosphere….more awful oilspill photo galleries, but also other stuff.  PetaPixel, Epic Edits and Phototuts+  all have pieces here I really liked…

Gulf Oil Spill: Animal Disaster at Life.com  These are some of the images made this past week, as the oil spill really starts to impact the coast of Louisiana and the birds get hammered. Heartbreaking.

Enlightened Images, which is Gary Crabbe’s website. This guy can shoot pictures. Check out any of his galleries for some beautiful, inspirational images.

Caught in the Oil at Boston.com.  AP photographer Charlie Riedel’s photos of oil-coated brown pelicans on Grand Terre Island along the Louisiana coast June 3rd. These are gut-punching photos.

Social Networking for Shooters at Epic Edits.  Guest post at Brian Auer’s excellent blog about how/why you should participate in social networking as a photographer. If you’re not already comfortable in this arena, check this out.

The Complete Guided Tour of Camera Systems at Phototuts+     If you’re a beginner confused by all the camera hardware choices out there, definitely read this article! It’s simple, straightforward and explains in easy terms the main differences and considerations for you as you look at this jungle of gear: digital vs. film, dslr, point and shoot, four thirds, etc.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Indoor Photography at Lightstalking.   Great title, so I had to include it here!  A few good ideas here for shooting indoors.

I’m Sitting in a Room, You Tube Style at Peta Pixel.  Here’s one that will challenge you and make you sit up and take notice! Strictly for grownups…YouTube user canzona riffs on experimental music composer Alvin Lucier’s famous ‘I’m Sitting in a Room’ composition. I won’t go into the full explanation, just go check it out.

What I Learned From the Death of My Computer at  iffles.com.   A cautionary tale about a digital photographer’s hard drive crash….and a tech-saavy, smart one at that. Some good points we all should consider here.

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